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My first ever experience with photography? I was about 13  years old when my old man sent me out to buy some photographic paper with explicit instructions “not to open the box!”.

Naturally I opened the box and denied such an action while trying to explain why the paper was pitch black in my dad’s darkroom. A well placed back-handed slap (photographic paper was expensive back then in Nigeria, so I had it coming!) put me off anything pictorial until I ended up working at The Times Newspaper’s photo archives.  I fell in love with the imagery that were in prints, ‘trannies‘ and glass negatives.

One thing led to another & now I find myself working with pictures as a picture editor & a photographer.

ps: My dad thinks it’s hilarious that I’ve also ended up in photography!

pps: If you’d like to reach out and touch me via email, drop me a line akin@aworan.com

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